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[Aesthetic] Update Version 1.9


- Bento Hands

This is an additional mesh hands for Aesthetic in Bento system in a separated box in the Aesthetic package. These bento hands can be animated by 3rd party Bento capable animations & poses or HUDs. The older static mesh hands are still in the package.

This bento hands come with a HUD to control hand poses, control left and right hands independently or both.

Click "L" to control left hand, click "R" to control right hand, and click at the words (middle) to control both hands.

- Blink for Bento Head

Now all bento heads for Enzo, Smith and add-ons Jonny, Raoh and Damond are updated for eye blinking

*** Apart from that nothing has changed. You can still use the body 1.8 or 1.82 If you don't want the update or editing/matching body skin all again.


*** HOW TO GET THIS UPDATE VERSION 1.9 *** This is a manual update. You need to manually get update by going to Niramyth in-world store and click redelivery at the terminal, choose your package and the updated box will be sent to you.

**NOTE (1)** If you received the Aesthetic or add-on package as a gift from someone else, it needs the buyer to click re-delivery for you because the system allows only the buyers to see their transactions. 

In case you cannot contact the buyers, you can IM Aiko Yue (Niramyth Customer Service) and notify us the buyer name (a username, not a display name) so that we can search and do a redelivery for you instead.

** TIP ** Another way to get this new update version 1.9 without doing a redelivery. If you still keep the older version 1.7, you can the upper body version 1.7 or any older versions, then you will get this new updated package 1.9 automatically.

However this won't work for add-on packages, as they don't have an auto-update script. You still need to do a redelivery at store for add-ons.

**NOTE (2)** To see the Bento items properly, it is required to update to the Bento-enabled viewer.


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