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The Undead Avatar




"ANCIENT REMAINS" : The Undead Avatar, is designed to be used as a learning and experimenting project on full-body Bento skeleton.
The creator was learning about Bento skeleton rigging and some more techniques that could be helpful to develop the mainline avatars in the future.
This avatar has been designed to be able to hide alpha parts on the body to show the skeleton inside.
However, it was not fully install with full HUD system as it was not built to be full system avatar but a learning project only.


This work has been registered, Copyright certificate issued at United States Copyright Office in accordance with title 17, United States Code. Any attempt to copy any assets/and/or the look and feel of this work without a full written authorization from the author of this work will be prosecuted to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law (


Please read TERMS OF USE before purchasing this product.

Your use of Niramyth's product indicates your agreement to be bound by all terms of use.


>  Version 1.0


[✔] Mesh Skeleton inside Decayed Mesh Skin (Double rigged layer body)
[✔] Separated alpha parts (body and skeleton) can be hidden manually
[✔] Undead Motion Capture Animations and scary head animations
[✔] Sound effects and Dynamic Particles
[✔] Full body modifiable
[✔] Ripped mesh clothes
[✔] Advanced Lighting textures
[✔] Alpha Masking skin
[✔] Full Bento skeleton
[✔] Mesh fibers (beard)
[✔] Can be used with Bento facial & fingers animations from 3rd party creators

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