All purchases are final


No refund or exchanges.

Except for double purchase of the same item, purchased by the same user account to the same recipient.


Not received an item you purchased


If you are sure that you have completed your purchase, please IM or send a notecard including your date of purchase and transaction details to us in order to verify, and then we will redeliver you a new copy as soon as possible.


To get your transaction history

Go to your Dashboard > Sign in your ID > Account > Transaction history

!! WARNING !! Making a fake transaction data to request a copy of an item will be ignored and will be reported to Linden Lab as a fraud and scam !


The transactions since April 2015 onwards will be able to use a self-service "REDELIVERY" terminal at Niramyth main store



Request to resend a new copy


You can request us to resend you a new copy if you happened to lose it, but you have to present your transaction details to verify.


The transactions since April 2015 onwards will be able to use a self-service "REDELIVERY" terminal at Niramyth main store


Request a copy for your alt


We CANNOT support you for this case. Whether you have more than one user account or no longer use your old account, the product will be delivered only to the user account that has purchased the items.


Item not sold separately


We do NOT sell components separately (separate parts of an avatar, animations, scripts, sounds, textures, etc.), but completed avatars only.



No commissioned sales / No affiliate vendors


Sorry we are NOT interested in doing commissioned sales nor vendor installed request.

We can ONLY provide you a logo sign with a landmark giver to put at your place. Please let me know, if interested. Anyway, thank you so much for your interest in our designs and products.


Niramyth Productions does NOT have salespeople, nor affiliate vendors. Please always check the store and creator username before making a purchase. 


If you notice any Niramyth's products that have not been sold under Niramyth Productions (Username: Hydrogen Excelsior), please inform us immediately.


No custom orders / No full permission request


Sorry we do NOT accept any custom orders nor full permission contents* requests no matter it is for personal use or for sale.

( *Contents*=3D models, textures, scripts, animations, all features, techniques )


Except; Some materials provided in our Developer Kits that come with the product package will be set as full permissions.

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