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If you lost your purchased item, or missed the delivery,
or want to get the latest version of your purchased item, you can request for a redelivery
You can check a list of the items on Product Version page if you have the latest version or need the update.

(1) Self-Service Redelivery at the terminal  (available only for the transactions from Mar 31, 2015 onwards)


The terminal stands are located at Niramyth in-world store

Click at "Redelivery" button at the terminal sign, the link will pop up at your upper right corner

Select "Go to page", it will direct you to an external vendor system website

Select an item listed on the website you want it to be redelivered















    Since the E2V vendor system that we used was retired and no longer provide the service.

Therefore, since June-1, 2018 onwards, we have migrated to a new vendor system (CasperVend).

The transactions records and store credits from E2V have already been transferred to the new system. 

This CasperVend we are using now also has a redelivery terminal service and loyalty store credit program.


(A) Redelivery Terminal is not working - No external link given after click the button, or Not receive an item after click redelivery ? 

- Do not turn on "Busy", "Do Not Disturb", "Unavailable" mode, otherwise you won't get a redelivery page link or the item redelivery will be automatically declined. Please uncheck those modes and try redelivery again.

- Check your blocked list whether you might have accidentally blocked the creator name (Hydrogen Excelsior) or not. Please unblock and try redelivery again.

- If you have checked your blocked list, and it was empty in the list, and you did not turn on any modes either.

I assume that it might be some kind of bug in your blocked list. Suggestion: Please try blocking the terminal and then unblock it in order to reset your list.

(Right click at the Terminal > Manage > Block. Then go to you blocked list and unblock it.)

(B) Purchased item is not found on the redelivery of CasperVend page ?

During migrating to a new vendor system, some data might have missed out. If your purchased item is not found on the redelivery page, please contact Aiko Yue in-world to check and verify.


(2) Request us for a direct redelivery  (contact Aiko Yue)

If you have purchased an item from Niramyth store earlier than March 31, 2015, you may have to present your transaction history to verify. If you haven't kept your transaction history, please snapshot your item's properties to see information of the date acquired so that we know the scope and range to search in the our data to check and verify. 


DO NOT make up a fake transaction! or you will be reported as a scam to Linden Lab !



Update / Redelivery 

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