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You can either shop online at the Second Life Marketplace or at in-world store




(1) Shop online in the Second Life Marketplace


Link: Niramyth store on Marketplace

Store name: Niramyth Productions

Sold by: Hydrogen Excelsior



Delivered by Marketplace system to your "Received Items" section at the bottom of your inventory window in Second Life after purchasing

Marketplace Knowledge Base



(2) Shop at Second Life in-world store


Link: Niramyth in-world store

Region/Land: Niramyth

Owner: Hydrogen Excelsior




Delivered by a vendor system to your "Object" folder in your inventory after purchasing.

Please make sure to click accept to the take the object into your inventory.


Please do not turn on "Busy", "Unavailable", Do not disturb" modes while purchasing an item, otherwise the item delivery will be automatically declined

If you didn't get any delivery message to accept, please check your blocked list whether you might have accidentally blocked the creator name Hydrogen Excelsior or not

If you happened to decline, or the package failed to deliver, you can use "Redelivery" terminal located at Niramyth in-world store for a self-serviced redelivery.


Do NOT accept unknown promotions. Do NOT pay directly to a person.

We DO NOT have salespeople nor any affiliate vendors to sell Niramyth products. 

To avoid scam, please ONLY buy to vendor system at Niramyth main store (Niramyth Region only)  or  Marketplace 

Before you make a purchase, please check the USERNAME (not a display name) of the vendor to be sure you pay to Hydrogen Excelsior

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