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In-world Contact

Customer Service (Username)Aiko Yue  for any issues and questions related to the Niramyth products


Facebook Contact

Inbox message on  Niramyth Facebook Page



In-world Update Group and Supports

You can join our official group "[NIRAMYTH]" in Second Life for troubleshooting / supporting / keeping up-to-date with the news



You may read Store Policies for more information


Do NOT accept unknown promotions. Do NOT pay directly to a person.

We DO NOT have salespeople nor any affiliate vendors to sell Niramyth products. 

To avoid scam, please ONLY buy to vendor system at Niramyth main store (Niramyth Region only)  or  Marketplace 

Before you make a purchase, please check the USERNAME (not a display name) of the vendor to be sure you pay to Hydrogen Excelsior

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