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[Aesthetic] Add-On Packs Updated to Bento!

The Add-On packages (JONNY, RAOH, DAMOND) have now been updated to Bento head.

*** HOW TO GET THE NEW ADD-ON UPDATE *** If you have bought Add-On packages, now you can update them to bento head by going to in-world store terminal, click re-delivery, and choose your add-on product. The new updated package will be sent to you included with additional bento updated head.


*** For ENZO & SMITH *** For Enzo & Smith 1.8 (current version) also got a minor updated on bento head to 1.82 (only added more control to Jaw Angle). If you want to update to 1.82, you also have to update it manually by going to in-world store terminal, click re-delivery and choose your product (Enzo or Smith). The newest update will be sent to you. 

The difference from 1.8 is only the bento mesh head that added the jaw angle control in shape slider. Apart from that nothing has changed.


**NOTE (1)** If you received the Aesthetic or add-on package as a gift from someone else, it needs the buyer to click re-delivery for you because you will not see your name in the re-delivery site.

**NOTE (2)** If you don't want to get the bento head (1.82) update, then just do nothing because there is no automatic update script in the bento mesh heads.

**NOTE (3)** To see the Bento items, it is required to update to the Bento-enabled viewer.


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