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[Aesthetic] Update Version 1.5

The new update version 1.5 for Aesthetic Advanced Mesh Body has been released. Please wear the older version you have and relog SL or detach the upper body and attach it again to get the new update automatically.


The major change of this version 1.5 is a new alpha HUD with 84 separated options that allows you to hide more parts and be able to wear more standard size mesh clothes in the market.

Please visit HUD Manual Guide for more details, and VERSION UPDATES for a list of what have been fixed and added for this version.

You can join "[NIRAMYTH]" group in-world to stay up to date with any new updates and new products from Niramyth Productions.

We have also created another new group "[Niramyth Market Group]" for the 3rd party creators who have made compatible items and want to promote their products, and for any customers who want to know about new releases of compatible products for Niramyth's avatars including Fantasy, Aesthetic, etc.

Thank you all again for supporting our works.

- Niramyth Productions -


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