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[Aesthetic] Update Version 1.6

The new update version 1.6 for Aesthetic Advanced Mesh Body has been released.

Please wear the older version you have and relog SL, or detach the upper body and re-attach to get the new update automatically. If you haven't received the update, please come to Niramyth mainstore to get redelivery at the terminal.

What's new in this version is mainly on the [HUD] Color and Alpha. 

As lots of people have been asking to bring back the minimize button on the HUD, so we made it.

We have reduced the script memory usages, so you guys can bring this mesh body access to RP sims, and added a remove-all-script button! (it is a separate mini HUD in another box - this will remove all scripts in mesh you are wearing, except eyes blinking and update scripts).

The effects such as full bright, glow, shininess and bumpiness have been brought back, and we also added glossiness control buttons (you have to be nearby the light sources to see this effect).

Besides using the color wheel to fine-tune, now you can manually input RGB color codes command directly to modify your mesh body color (type /1 and follow with the RGB (red green blue) color code numbers).

As lots of requests to make the save alpha slots, now we have added it for you!

We also added the new size of clothing layers for top - oversized, for bottom - baggy, and a new clothing layer style - bodysuit, as well as extra small head blenders for using with SL head.

Please visit HUD Manual Guide for more details, and VERSION UPDATES for a list of what we will be working for next updates and new releases.

Hope you guys enjoy and thank you again for supporting our works

- Niramyth Productions -


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