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[Aesthetic] Update Version 2.0

Aesthetic - update version 2.0


- Basic facial expression HUD

We have added a HUD with 8 poses of basic facial expressions (smile, smirk, grin, surprise, anger, afraid, disgust and sad, eyes blinking on/off, and eyes open/close control for Aesthetic Bento head. However, differences in face shape have an influence on poses, so the pose movements may vary if you adjust your face shape using the SL shape editing slider.

- Auto Alpha script

This allows the mesh clothing creators and the Aesthetic users to put this auto-alpha script into their mesh clothing and set what body parts of the Aesthetic need to be hidden automatically when wearing their clothes, and return to show up when taking it off.

Please see "Basic Tutorials" for more info.

**This auto-alpha script works only with the Aesthetic version 2.0, or later.

- Bento HeadBlender

This is for those who use Aesthetic mesh body with other 3rd party bento heads. It will help blend the connection between 3rd party bento heads and the body.

- RGB teller and Teeth alpha

We have added a "Say Color" button on the HUD color . It will tell the RGB color codes of your current added color of the body parts - upper body, lower body, hands, feet, and head. And a hide teeth button on the HUD alpha, this is for bento heads only.

Others in the version 2.0

- Added a minimize button on a pose HUD for Bento hands

- Added color guidelines for tattoo templates developer kit

- Provided a sample Hairbase in the HD-Skin developer kit for personal use

- Fixed the rig of tongue for Bento heads

- Fixed the overlapping of tattoo layer around the wrist of Bento hands

- Changed a new updater system



Since the E2V vendor system that we used will be retired and no longer provide the service from June 1, 2018 onwards, so we have to migrate and transfer the sales data and store credits to a new vendor and updater system (CasperVend).

During this transfer, we cannot provide an auto-update, so please get your Aesthetic update version 2.0 manually by going to Niramyth in-world store and click redelivery at the terminal, choose your package and the updated copy will be sent to you.

** There are 2 buttons for update & redelivery at the terminal (#1 the older and #2 a new systems), please try both of them. We are in the data transferring process, so your data may be found in one but not in another. If you received the Aesthetic as a gift, please try #2 redelivery.

If you have a redelivery issue, please read Redelivery ,or contact Aiko Yue (In-world Customer Service)



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