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Creator's Talk

Hi everyone. It’s been a long time that I haven't updated any news about my works in Second Life.

This year has really been a tough year (and still being) for a lot of people including me.

I have heard many rumors about me, and I want to thank you for your concerns.

So I would like to take this opportunity to clarify that I am still alive, and being in good health (hopefully).

The reason why I was silent for a while because of real life’s situation that has been affected by this pandemic (I don’t want to talk much details about my personal life).

That caused me couldn't focus on my Second Life’s works as I wanted. However, my partner “Aiko Yue" has been helping me provide services to customers during I was busy with my real life.

We have been asking a lot about updates for the current avatars and new releases of the new project.

So here I will answer some frequently asked questions;


Q: Will there be BOM update for the Aesthetic?

A: The current Aesthetic cannot be completely changed to BOM due to different UV templates, number of texture maps and resolutions.

I do not want to decrease the current high-detailed avatar just to meet the BOM standard.

However, to fulfill some of those who really want BOM version, I “may consider” adding the new update with two body versions for the Aesthetic “after” the new project is finished.


Q: What is the new project ?

A: I am working on the long-awaited standard size avatar that still carries all Niramyth’s DNA, but far more better. And only one word “better” that keeps me spending a lot of time working on it. This is a fully new work starting from scratch.


Q: When ?

A: I will not give a specific release date as anything can be changed. I actually prefer my work to be in secret, but I will post some sneak peek with progress that can tell in public from time to time.

I do not want to rush my artwork as the result may not be good enough as I want, and I will not release my work until I think it is ready.

Besides the extreme details and designs, I also need time to experiment an extra option such as BOM that will be added into our project. Please remind that BOM is not our priority, but an option.


Last but not least, we hope you are having wonderful holidays, stay safe and enjoy life. Happy New Year :)

- Hydrogen Excelsior -


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