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Vendor system migration has now completed

Since the E2V vendor system that we used is retired and no longer provide the service. Therefore, from June-1, 2018 onwards, we will use a new vendor system (CasperVend) for in-world store.

Our customer transactions records and store credits from the E2V have already been transferred to CasperVend system successfully. Thanks to DavidThomas Scorbal (E2V) and Casper Warden (CasperTech) for helping us :)

This CasperVend we are using now also has the similar features:

  • Redelivery terminal service: You can get the latest version of the item you purchased or a new copy from redelivery terminal. If you are the person who received the item as a gift, now you are able to claim redelivery at the terminal by yourself without tracking down the person who bought it for you.

  • Loyalty store credit program: Your store credits that you have collected since the E2V system, have already been transferred to CasperVend. You can also check your credit balances at the terminal. (Please note that the store credit is valid only shopping at in-world store)

If you have a redelivery issue, please read redelivery or contact Aiko Yue (in-world customer service)

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Oct 05, 2021

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