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Thank you so much for supporting our works.


Below are a list of issues that some customers have got and our solutions.

If your issue is not found here and need help, please contact "Aiko Yue" in-world.

ISSUE #01 : Why I cannot click to change the skin color / facial hair / eyebrows / body hair ?

[FIXED] : Version 1.5 onwards has solved this problem. The features of facial hair and eyebrows have been combined into [HUD] HD Skin Installer. 

ISSUE #02 : Why I see my hands, feet or torso have differerent colors or shades from the rest of body parts ?


HOW TO FIX : Please use "[HUD] SKIN INSTALLER" to re-install skin again, and then use "[HUD] COLOR & ALPHA" to click "Default" color to reset skin to its default base tone for all parts.


This difference of the color in some parts may happen when you have tinted your body or installed another HD skin tone without/before wearing hands or feet or head.


Please make sure you are not wearing 2 Skin Installer HUDs simultaneously, otherwise, the features of facial hair and eyebrows may not work due to scripts interfering.


If you have done above solution but still see the different shades at the connection line between the parts, please try HOW TO FIX of ISSUE #03.



ISSUE #03 : Alpha parts on shoulder and lower belly or torso keep hiding when I change my graphic setting or turn on the advanced lighting.


HOW TO FIX : This usually happens with Firestorm Viewer.

Please go to Preference > Graphics > Enable ✔ Hardware Skinning below the Avatar Rendering > Click Apply and OK. After that please detach the upper mesh body and re-attach it again.

If it still happens, please try clearing cache and relog the viewer.


ISSUE #04 : I see tattoo alpha layer overlapping the mesh body.


HOW TO FIX : You can fix the same solution as ISSUE #03


ISSUE #05 : I see a shooting light ray coming out from the body when I right click to edit my shape.


[FIXED] : This used to happen in the 3rd party viewer such as Firestorm and Sigularity.

Now this problem has been fixed, and updated in the version 1.5 (onwards).


ISSUE #06 : I turned on my body hair, but it keeps disappearing everytime I log off/on SL.


HOW TO FIX : Make sure you are NOT wearing 2 (two) HD Skin Installer HUDs simultaneously. Please wear only 1 (one) [HUD] HD Skin Installer at a time, to prevent one script group in the HUD from interfering with another.

ISSUE #07 : I see too much shine effect on the body when turned on Advanced Lighting Model



For Firestorm Version 4.6.9  (old version)

If you see your avatar shinny like the image below, that is because the Screen Space Reflections (SSR) in your graphic rendering setting has been enabled.

How to turn off the shine effect on Firestorm Version 4.6.9

Please go to Preference > Graphics > Rendering > DISABLE "Rendering of screen space refelctions" > Click Apply and OK.

Firestorm Version 4.7.1 (Beta Version), the Screen Space Reflections (SSR) option has been removed, so you should no longer see the shine effect anymore.


However, the Advanced Lighting mode will show the effect of specular map differently, depending on each environment setting and each windlight sky setting.

If you still see or think that your avatar look shiny or too glossy for you, you can manually edit the glossiness value in the avatar texture. (Different environment or windlight sky setting will show different effect)


Please go to Edit mode (Ctrl+3) > Select the avatar > Texture > Select Shininess (specular) > Adjust Glossiness Value.


The default value is 100. You can reduce it to 50 or delete it to zero. However, once you have edit this value, it will be changed or the specular map will be removed permanently. Please make your backup copy before editing, in case you want this feature in the future.

ISSUE #08 : I bought the clothing appliers from the 3rd party creators. Once I clicked apply, nothing happened.


HOW TO FIX : Please make sure you are wearing clothing layers. You can find them in "Clothing Layers" folder in the Aesthetic Package. Once you unpack the folder, you would find 4 (four) different styles of tops and bottoms and 1 (one) bodysuit. Wear one of those layers and then click apply on the applier HUD you bought.

ISSUE #09 : The mesh body goes invisible when I turned on Advanced Lighting Mode.


HOW TO FIX : If you have an AMD/ATI graphics card, then you may have to update your driver.

Please visit this link for more information >


Once you have updated your graphics card driver, please make sure you have enabled "Hardware Skinning" in your Preferences > Graphics in Second Life as well.

ISSUE #10 : I see my hairbase has different tone than my face, or has a line seam 











HOW TO FIX : This may sometimes happen when you try to manually click edit the head, then the alpha has been automatically changed or switched its mode.


To fix this, open edit mode, check select face and edited link, and click on hairbase then change its alpha mode to "Alpha Blending".



ISSUE #11 : When I turned on Full-Bright mode using the HUD color, I see my hairbase and neck have different tone than my face and body, and the light line at the edge of the face.















HOW TO FIX : This only happened when you used Full-Bright mode and enabled the Advanced Lighting Model at the same time. This issue cannot be permanently fixed as it is SL's bug for alpha sorting glitch.


To get rid of this, you have to choose. If you really want to use Full-Bright mode, you have to disable Advanced Lighting Model. Or if you want Advanced Lighting Model enabled, you must turn off Full-Bright mode.


ISSUE #12 : When I wear a Bento head version, I see only my eyes appear but the head goes invisible, or I see my head attached at the wrong position or at the center of my body.


HOW TO FIX : Please update your viewer, and use a Bento-capable viewer to see Bento objects or Bento avatars properly.

ISSUE #13 : When I added a tattoo applier, my body turned into white.


HOW TO FIX : You might have accidentally changed the alpha setting of the tattoo layer in some way. 

So please check your alpha setting of your tattoo layer whether it is still in "Alpha Blending" or not. If not, please set it to "Alpha Blending"

Open "Edit Mode" (Ctrl+3) and click your body part > check "Edit linked" and click your body part again to select the tattoo layer > change its alpha mode to "Alpha Blending"

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