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[Aesthetic] Update Version 1.8

Sorry for the long hiatus! We have been asked a lot about our absence from Second Life. Some people were wondering and worried whether we have left Second Life for good. No way! We never think of leaving as long as we or Second Life are still alive. We were just away from Second Life for awhile due to real life matters. Now everything is cleared, and we are ready to move on for our next project in Second Life.

Before moving to work on the new product lines, we have released update version 1.8 for the Aesthetic Mesh Body. The current Aesthetic users, please wear the older version you have and re-log SL or detach the upper body and re-attach it to get the new update automatically. You can also come to Niramyth in-world main store to get an updated package from redelivery terminal.

What's new in this update (version 1.8)

- Chest and back alpha

More separated alpha parts for upper chest and back as requested

This is an additional mesh head for Enzo and Smith in Bento system. The older mesh head is still included in the package. You can use SL editing shape slider to customise or adjust your Aesthetic Bento mesh head shape and face (nose, eyes, ears, mouth, chin and neck).

- Nail tattoo UV template (Tattoo Developer Kit)

This kit is for 3rd party mesh head creators, and it's required to submit an online application.

This kit is for any skin creators who want to make only facial skin alone or hair base skin appliers for Aesthetic Mesh Head, and not intend to make full-body skin applier. This kit required to submit and online application.

Thank you for your support our products, and this new year we wish you happiness, good health, and the best of everything :)

- Niramyth Productions -


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