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[Ancient Remains] The Undead Avatar

Thank you for your support by choosing NIRAMYTH's product. We hope you will enjoy this product as much as we enjoy creating it. We worked so hard and still working extremely hard to improve and develop our products to the better level.

"ANCIENT REMAINS" : The Undead Avatar, is designed to be used as a learning and experimenting project on full-body Bento skeleton.

The creator was learning about Bento skeleton rigging and some more techniques that could be helpful to develop the mainline avatars in the future.

This avatar has been designed to be able to hide alpha parts on the body to show the skeleton inside.

However, it was not fully install with full HUD system as it was not built to be full system avatar but a learning project only.

We hope you enjoy and Happy Halloween :D

- Niramyth Productions -


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