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Thank you so much for your interest and support our works.


Below is a list of FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question ).

If you haven't found your answer here or need more helps, please feel free to CONTACT US.

Or go to REPORTED ISSUE if you experience some issues and need the solutions.


If you are in a decision making to purchase and want to know what includes in the AESTHETIC Package

or just start using AESTHETIC, please go to BASIC TUTORIAL.


If you are an advanced user or a creator who wants to make compatible items for AESTHETIC,


QUESTION #01 : Do you have a DEMO for AESTHETIC ?


ANSWER : Yes, the DEMOs for Aesthetic (and add-ons) are available to try at Niramyth Main Store


The DEMO version contains;

- Mesh body with DEMO texts

- HD-Skin with DEMO texts

- No DEMO for Bento head, only DEMO for still mesh head

- No eyebrows and Facial Hairs options

- No-modifiable

- Free a single stand animation in the DEMO Animation Overrider

- 2 Clothing layers (top and bottom)

QUESTION #02 : Is the head detachable and can I use my own SL head or other 3rd party mesh heads ?


ANSWER : Yes, head is detachable. You can use your SL head with our SL Head Blenders provided in the package. You may need to adjust your neck and chin size using SL appearance shape editing slider to our recommended size numbers listed in the notecard in "SL Head Matching" folder, and use HUD to add color to match your head. Please go to "AESTHETIC - SL Head Matching" for more details.

If you want to use other 3rd party mesh heads or bento heads, we also have a Bento HeadBlender including a shape in the package. Please go to "AESTHETIC - Bento Headblender" for more details.

QUESTION #03 : Can this mesh body wear other mesh clothes ?


ANSWER : This avatar can wear some standard size mesh clothes, but it needs to be bigger sizes like L or XL, and use alpha HUD to hide some of your body parts. You can also use our smaller preset shapes provided in the folder named "Avatar Shapes" or adjust your own shape.


You can wear most mesh pants in the market, just simply detach the lower part of the avatar or use alpha HUD to hide some parts.


This avatar is intentionally made with new geometry structure to have bigger muscle in a bodybuilding style, so its upper body and trap are bigger than normal SL avatars.


You can also find a list of compatible applier and mesh clothes from the 3rd party creators HERE

QUESTION #04 : Does AESTHETIC come with male part attachment ?


ANSWER : No, it doesn't. However, you can use any 3rd party male adult contents on the market with this mesh body. As we have tried some from the popular adult content stores, they fit quite perfectly. You may need to use HUD for color matching.

QUESTION #05 : Is AESTHETIC body compatible with Omega System (SL-UV) ?


ANSWER : Only clothing layer is working with Omega, Please see Omega Applier System for more info.

The tattoo and skin are not compatible with Omega System because we use different UV layout than SL-UV.

Aesthetic uses own custom UV as so called HD-UV (5 times higher resolution) in order to make highly detailed and more resolution textures.

QUESTION #06 : I am a woman and I don't have this male mesh body. Can I get developer kits for making clothing and tattoo appliers for men ?


ANSWER : Applier developer kits for clothing and tattoo layers are coming with the product package and also available to pick at Niramyth Main Store, Aesthetic shop zone. You may also use a Demo version to test your appliers.


Please note that AESTHETIC clothing layer only that is compatible with SL-UV map texture, but tattoo layer is not. Our tattoo layer is made with different UV map. It is a HD-UV template which allows us to make bigger size of textures and 5 times higher resolutions than SL-UV.


Please visit ADVANCED TUTORIAL for how to create appliers for AESTHETIC.


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