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Updated in Version 2.0.1  (as of 7-July-2018)

- [Fixed] an Auto-Alpha script bug in the "AESTHETIC - [Mesh Body] Upper Body"

Updated in Version 2.0  (as of 6-May-2018)

- [Added] a HUD with 8 poses of basic facial expressions, eyes blink on/off, open/close control for Aesthetic Bento head

- [Added] Auto-alpha script for mesh clothing

- [Added] a RGB teller button on the HUD color

- [Added] a Hide Teeth button on the HUD alpha (for bento heads)

- [Added] a minimize button in a pose HUD for bento hands

- [Added] Bento Headblenders for 3rd party bento mesh heads + Preset shapes (for main package and add-ons)

- [Added] color guidelines for tattoo developer kit 

- [Added] a sample Hairbase in the HD-Skin dev kit for personal use (for main package and add-ons)

- [Fixed] the rig of tongue for Bento head (for main package and add-ons)

- [Fixed] the overlapping tattoo layer around the wrist of Bento hands

- [Changed] a new updater system (Update Card)

Updated in Version 1.9  (as of 1-April-2017)

- [Added] Bento hands (separated folder) for Enzo and Smith with some extra hand poses in HUD

- [Updated] Blinking eyes for Bento heads - Enzo, Smith, Jonny, Raoh and Damond

Updated in Version 1.82  (as of 9-Feb-2017)

- [Added] HD-Skin Developer Kit for Personal Use

Full body skin dev kit (added shadow maps) for Enzo and Smith

Mesh head skin dev kit for Enzo, Smith, Jonny, Raoh and Damond

- [Fixed] a minor strip line of the tattoo layer on the upper body (1.82) between the back and the pelvis


Updated in Version 1.82  (as of 13-Jan-2017)

- [Added] Jaw Angle control for Bento head : Enzo and Smith

- [Added] Bento head version for Add-ons : Jonny, Raoh and Damond


Updated in Version 1.8  (as of 3-Jan-2017)

- [Updated] More separated alpha parts on upper chest and back as requested

- [Added] Bento mesh head for Enzo and Smith  (With the Bento Head, you can customize or adjust your face shape by using SL editing shape slider)

- [Added] nail tattoo UV templates  (Tattoo Developer Kit)

- [Released] Mesh Head Developer Kit  (required to submit an online application)

- [Released] Aesthetic Mesh Head HD-Skin Applier Developer Kit  (required to submit an online application)

Updated in version 1.7   (as of 25-Oct-2015)

- [Added] facial tattoo layer (makeup layer) for mesh head

- [Added] facial tattoo UV template and script in Tattoo Developer Kit 

- [Added] hairbase layer for mesh head

- [Added] hairbase options (bald, black, blond, white) in [HUD] HD Skin Installers

- [Changed] command channel for input RGB color code

- [Released] Developer Kit for HD-Skin templates (required to submit an online application)

- [Added] New HD skin tones (Installer HUD) and mesh heads (add-on packages, sold separately)

Updated in version 1.6   (as of 15-July-2015)

- [Added] minimize button on [HUD] color & alpha

- [Added] manual input RGB (Red-Green-Blue) color code command

- [Added] skin glossiness control buttons on HUD

- [Added] alpha save and load slots on HUD

- [Added] a remove-all-script HUD

- [Updated] Reduced script memory usages

- [Added] new clothing layers (oversized top, baggy bottom, bodysuit)

- [Added] smaller head blenders

- [Revised] tattoo and clothing layers script  (not affect to the previous versions)

Updated in version 1.5   (as of 17-May-2015)

- [Fixed] polygon shooting rays from ISSUE #05 (changed to previous version of model importer)

- [Updated] Created new mesh body with 84 separated alpha mask parts (will work with new HUD)

- [Added] Tattoo Template for hands & feet (HD template)

- [Added] Tattoo Layers for hands and feet (All hand poses)
- [Updated] Created all new Color/Alpha HUD with 6.4X more alpha parts from the 1st version

- [Updated] Created new skin installer HUD

- [Updated] Created new clothing layers (lowerbody) with more alpha slices at cuffs for wearing boots

- [Updated] Created head matching blenders for blond hairbases and bald version.

- [Added] normal and specular maps to Tattoo Layers for Advanced Lighting

Updated in version 1.2 (as of 12-April-2015)

- [Fixed] face numbers on clothing layers (lowerbody)

- [Fixed] tattoo layer internal listener (lowerbody)

- [Removed] pelvis blender

- [Fixed] tiny cut around the pelvis

- [Updated] Extended tattoo layers to wrists and ankles

- [Fixed] Upperbody tattoo layer is now connected to the lowerbody tattoo layer

- [Updated] Tattoo layers are now linked to the mesh body (Linked objects, not a combined meshes)

- [Added] All New Head Blenders (in "SL Head Matching" box)

- [Added] SL skins (head only) for SL default head (in "SL Head Matching" box)

- [Added] Texture matching UV Templates for making your own facial SL skin (in "SL Head Matching" box)

- [Updated] Eyelashes now linked with mesh head

Updated in version 1.1 (as of 5-Apr-2015)

These are internal errors fixing. Most of them are only for developers.

- [Fixed] Hair base texture difference on the mesh heads

- [Added] 3 missing part names to tattoo scripts "Simple Tattoo Applier v1.1"

- [Removed] bumps from Clothing Layers

- [Fixed] texture horizontal scale & offsets on Upper-body Tattoo layer

- [Added] missing eyes to the packages

- [Removed] AutoMask from boxers

- [Added] Head Blenders to blend between mesh head and SL default head



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